MOIT VIETNAM | To the best of its ability, Vietnam will provide assistance to Laos in the conservation of its natural heritage.

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To the best of its ability, Vietnam will provide assistance to Laos in the conservation of its natural heritage.

27th December 2022 post by MOIT Vietnam

The heads of the two ministries of Laos and Vietnam have a better grasp of the current situation in the area of state administration over which they each preside; this has strengthened collaboration and pushed the partnership to new depths and heights. Minister of the Lao Ministry of Information, Culture, and Tourism expressed gratitude and joy for the delegation's warm welcome, full of brotherly compassion, throughout their time in Vietnam.

This outstanding connection and comprehensive cooperation between the two Parties and States has been strengthened, Minister Suansavanh Viyaketh said, thanking Vietnam for its genuine and tremendous support with Laos. According to Minister Suansavanh Viyaketh, this is a great chance for the two ministries to collaborate and push on with the implementation of the partnership agreement inked during the Covid-19 pandemic's last years of impact (2021-2025). Minister Nguyen Van Hung went through each area of collaboration, beginning with culture and how the Communist Party of Vietnam sees it as equally important to economics and politics in determining Vietnam's future growth. Developing a culture is essential since it is the cultural impulse that propels progress.

It's no secret that the Communist Party of Vietnam has done wonders for Vietnamese culture. Developing a sense of national identity, however, necessitates not isolating oneself from the rest of mankind, but rather engaging with and adapting to its many diverse cultural manifestations. There are numerous shared traditions between Vietnamese and Lao people. Minister Nguyen Van Hung hoped that cultural interaction would go farther and deeper than only the organized events like the cultural week that the two nations are doing. engage in cultural mediation as a host. Particularly, Vietnam and Laos share a boundary between their respective areas.
Minister Nguyen Van Hung said, "If you want to undertake tourism, you must have someone who knows about tourism and understands tourism." This was in reference to the subject of educating high-quality human resources in the sector of culture and tourism. There is potential for the Lao Ministry of Information, Culture, and Tourism to work with the study abroad office to send more Lao students to Vietnam for tourism training via both government scholarships and the study abroad program. born.

Currently, the Ministry of Culture, Sports, and Tourism of Vietnam is tasked with educating and developing young people in the areas of circus arts, dance, and sports as a means of supplying the country's cultural industry with human resources.... These may be seen as the "red seeds" from which the Laos revolution would sprout. Support for these youngsters will be bolstered by a socialization initiative led by the Ministry of Culture, Sports, and Tourism.
Minister Nguyen Van Hung expressed his hope that the Lao Ministry of Information, Culture, and Sports would work more closely with the Central Office of the Lao Party on a number of cultural projects, including the Vietnam - Laos Cultural Park, in order to hasten their development, remove any obstacles that may arise, and ultimately establish a cultural institution that would serve as a hub for cultural exchange between the two countries.

Minister Nguyen Van Hung emphasized the importance of the famous Ho Chi Minh route and the legendary Truong Son, and he proposed that the Lao side consider designating the section of the road that passes through Laos as a national monument there to underline the worth of the road. manage, respect, and teach children via cultural icons throughout the Vietnam and Laotian national liberation struggle.

In response to a UNESCO recommendation that Laos' Hin Nam No be designated a global natural heritage site, Vietnam's Minister of Culture, Sports, and Tourism Nguyen Van Hung said that Hanoi will assist Laos as quickly as possible with coordination and assistance. Natural wonders that ought to be preserved for future generations.
Minister Nguyen Van Hung's discussion on the need of maintaining and enhancing cultural values was echoed by Lao Minister of Information, Culture, and Tourism Suansavanh Viyaketh. Each nation cannot function without its culture, and culture is also a significant driver of international tourism. Minister Suansavanh Viyaketh agreed with Minister Nguyen Van Hung that it is important to educate human resources with a strong grasp of culture and tourism if these sectors are to flourish, and he pledged to look for funding to support this effort.

The Lao side has proposed making a full dossier on the identification of the Ho Chi Minh Trail as a national relic, according to Minister Suansavanh Viyaketh. This path commemorates the lives lost and lessons learned by the people of the two nations throughout their fight for independence from colonial rule.

It was announced by Minister Suansavanh Viyaketh that he would be sending a team to Vietnam to engage with the Vietnamese side to address particular problems related to the UNESCO request to declare Hin Nam No as a global natural treasure of Laos.