MOIT VIETNAM | In the period of 2021-2025: Phu Tho strives to increase rural industrial production by 15%/year

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In the period of 2021-2025: Phu Tho strives to increase rural industrial production by 15%/year

10th December 2020 post by MOIT Vietnam

Phu Tho province strives, in the period of 2021-2025, the growth of rural industrial production (rural industry) will reach 15% / year. In particular, industrial promotion will play a key role in supporting and promoting production development, expanding output markets for local products.

According to the report of the Department of Industry and Trade of Phu Tho province, over the past years, thanks to the active support from the National Industrial Promotion Program, the province's industrial production has continuously increased. Specifically, if the industrial production value in 2014 reached over 38,895 billion dong, by 2019, it increased to over 77,105 billion dong, the average growth rate was 15.04%. Industrial production capacity develops in quantity, scale, technology level and quality of products, meeting market demand. The success of the industrial promotion in Phu Tho province over the past time has positively contributed to the patriotic emulation movement of Industry and Trade for the third time, in 2020.

Many industrial promotion programs and projects have been integrated, implemented synchronously, creating jobs for 2,000 rural workers, modernizing rural industrial production, thereby promoting the implementation of economic restructuring of the locality. .

In particular, the enthusiastic and effective consultation of industrial promotion programs has helped rural industrial establishments determine the right investment direction, improve their management capacity, invest in production expansion, and increase their competitiveness. on the market. Up to now, Phu Tho industrial promotion has supported the building of demonstration models of new product production techniques for 17 rural industrial establishments, focusing on replicating models of processing of agricultural - forestry products, ancillary products ... Support 99 rural industrial establishments invest in new, expand production in the field of mechanics, processing agricultural - forestry products ...

In order to increase opportunities for the local industry to develop, the Department of Industry and Trade of Phu Tho has built goals and orientations for the period 2021-2025. In which, industrial promotion plays a key role in promoting the development of rural industry in the province with the average growth rate of 15% / year; By 2025, the rural industry growth will be higher than the target set in the industrial development plan; to gradually increase the proportion of deep-processing industry with high technological content and added value of agricultural - forestry - aquatic products and shift the labor and economic structure in rural areas.
Accordingly, Phu Tho Industrial Promotion focuses on projects to build demonstration models of techniques of applying new and advanced technologies to rural industrial production, creating large production scale, uniform products and good quality. . Putting green and sustainable factors into rural industrial production such as: Applying cleaner production, saving energy ... helps rural industrial establishments closer to the requirements of economic.

Adapting to the new economic context, Phu Tho province will strongly reform administrative procedures, favorable policies for businesses to develop, such as: Creating ground for investors, shortening administrative procedures. ... The province promotes investment support projects in infrastructure of industrial clusters, creates a space for businesses to invest in new and gradually relocates businesses from residential areas to industrial clusters; supporting and attracting investment projects in the fields of high-tech industries and supporting industries, investing in production associated with deep processing of agro-forestry products, consumer goods production; support to build and develop national brands and trade connection projects. Because a strong brand name will create prestige to help businesses bring products to large markets, bring high economic value and sustainable development.